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In the relish business

Wow, July is going by faster than I expected. This seems to happen a lot. I’m enjoying my time at home with my children so far this summer and I’m continually inspired to be creative. I actually did some Christmas shopping on Friday and last night I started the relish making process. This morning I bottled one batch and am happy to say it is available for sale at $4/250 mL jar.

It's just THAT good!

It’s just THAT good!

Love that popping sound!

Love that popping sound!

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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day from the Rural Rambler. 🙂 I’ve got a few minutes to myself to relax so I’m going to try crocheting a handy little hand sanitizer holder from You can find the pattern here. Summer seems like the perfect time to have one of these hanging from my purse, keychain or just about anywhere; outings to the beach, zoo, farm market and more mean little fingers get dirtier than ever! Let me know if you try making one too!

Wishing all Canadians near and far a wonderful July 1st!

Here are my first two attempts at making this pattern.


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An affordable summer treat

There’s one thing that always makes me think of summer – rhubarb. So many of us grow it in the back yard and if you don’t, like me, you can often get some from a friend or very inexpensively from the local farmers’ market.

This morning I chopped up the bag of rhubarb that my dad gave me about a week ago now. Did I mention how busy I have been lately?

It looks so innocent with the cover on, doesn’t it? I barely got it all in!

I had more than enough to fill my pot!

The only cost for this delicious pot of stewed rhubarb is the sugar needed to make it tasty. Get a bag when it is on sale and you can enjoy a true summer treat for only pennies a bowl!

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